Advance Student Luggage

How It Works

A students guide to shipping

We understand that you may not have sent luggage abroad (or within the UK) before, and want to know more about what is involved. You may have many questions, such as:

This guide provides simple, clear answers to these questions and more. It will guide you through the process of preparing & sending your luggage.

A students guide to shipping
  1. Step 1:

    Get your quote

  2. Step 2:

    Book your collection and delivery dates

  3. Step 3:

    Pack your luggage

  4. Step 4:

    Your luggage is collected

  5. Step 5:

    Your luggage is transported to it's destination (or stored in a secure location)

  6. Step 6:

    Your luggage arrives at it's destination

How it Works: An interactive guide to shipping

Click the buttons or press the arrow keys (← and →) to move backwards and forwards.

Step 1: Get your quote

Instantly online, over the phone or within 24 hours by email.

The easiest, quickest way to get a luggage or storage quote is online, just click below:

Get an Online Quote »

… or you can call or email us:

Tel: (+44) 01332 86 56 56

Click on the more detail link below to see what details you need to supply to get your quote.

To get your quote, you'll need…

To get a quote you will need to supply the following information:

  • Your name, contact telephone number and email address.
  • How much your luggage weighs (roughly) / how much space it occupies.
  • Whether you want to insure your items or not.
  • The UK address where you want your luggage to be collected from.
  • The International address where you want your luggage to be delivered to *

You will then normally receive two quotes from us, a quote using Sea Freight and a quote using Air Freight. For more information on these services please see our FAQs or ask a member of staff for more details.

*You must decide whether you want our Door to Door or Door to Port service. Door to Port is cheaper however it will require you or a representative to collect your luggage from a selected international Airport or Seaport.

Step 2: Book your collection and delivery dates

Arrange for your free packing materials to be delivered and your luggage to be collected.

Deliveries and collections usually take place between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

We offer FREE packing materials for you to pack your luggage together, however if you wish to use your own suitcase this is not a problem.

Click on the more detail button to find out more about our custom boxes and booking fees.

Custom Boxes

If you wish to use our boxes you will need to know roughly how many you will need.

Each box can hold:

  • A maximum weight of 25kg
  • A maximum size of 49 x 49 x 49cm

Booking Fees

At the time of booking a £20 deposit will be required. This can be paid to the driver when your packing materials are delivered and will be deducted from the final shipping cost.

Step 3: Pack your luggage

Safely pack your things together using our free packing materials.

Use our FREE custom design packing boxes and packing materials to pack your items securely and safely.

Each box or suitcase must be numbered and you need to keep a note of what is packed inside each box.

Please see our more detailed packing instructions.

Packing Guidance

Please follow the below guidelines when packing your items to ensure your possessions are transported safely without delay:

  • DO NOT over pack boxes so they cannot close properly or so they weigh more than 25kg.
  • DO NOT pack any toiletries, perfumes, aerosols, chemicals or cleaning products.
  • DO NOT pack any untreated wood (any wood that is not varnished or waxed).
  • DO NOT pack any fragile items. (These items will not be covered by insurance).
  • DO pack your items securely so they can't move around too much.
  • DO make a list of everything in your boxes.
  • DO seal the boxes securely
  • DO label the boxes with your full name and destination address.
  • DO number the boxes

Step 4: Your luggage is collected

We will pick up your luggage from your door.

One of our drivers will collect your boxes, luggage and excess bags on the arranged date.

The driver will weigh and measure your luggage and confirm the final shipping price to you.

  • You pay the driver the final amount using a credit/debit card or by cash.
  • Give the driver your completed declaration form. This can be downloaded from our website or the driver will supply you with one.
  • Give the driver a photocopy of the photo pages in your passport.
  • Tell the driver about any special requirements you have.

Collections & Cancelations

Please note:

  • Collections outside of the Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby, Loughborough, Warwick / Coventry or Birmingham areas will incur a collection fee.
  • Cancellations on the day of collection will incur a cancellation fee of £20.

Step 5: Your luggage is transported

Your luggage will be sent to it's destination or stored in our secure storage facilities

Your luggage will be taken directly to our secure warehouse and we will then contact you to confirm everything is in order and all your shipping details.

Unless otherwise requested your luggage will then be put onto the next available departure.

Depending on your chosen transport method there are some quick points you should be aware of:

  • Air freight will incur a one-off fixed charge for security and handling of £40
  • Sea freight will be held in our warehouse for a couple of days so it can be packed onto a pallet suitable for shipping.

Step 6: Your luggage arrives at it's destination

Your luggage will be safely stored at the point of collection or delivered directly to the door.

If you have selected our Door to Door service your luggage will be delivered directly to your selected international address.

If you have selected our Door to Port service your luggage will be delivered to your selected international port for you to collect.

When you receive your items you should check all your boxes and baggage for damage before signing for them. In the unlikely event that there is any damage then you should:

  • Report this immediately to the agent.
  • Sign for your items as Damaged.
  • Contact us informing us that your items have been damaged.
  • Any insurance claims will then be dealt with on your behalf.

Additonal Customs Charges

When collecting your items from a port please be aware that there will be a small customs charge to pay. These charges are out of our control but they will be minimal.