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It's easy when you know how, thats why we've taken some of the most common questions about our student luggage and storage services and answered them below.

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Packing your Luggage

  1. Q1: How much can each of your shipping boxes hold?

    Each of our custom shipping boxes can take up to 25kg of goods. The size of your items also plays a part, each box is 49 x 49 x 49 cm.

    You can also use your own suitcases if you wish.

  2. Q2: What are the size of the boxes you provide?

    Our custom cardboard shipping boxes are 49 cm x 49cm x 49 cm and are specifically designed for holding items in storage or shipment.

    You can also use your own suitcases/boxes if you wish.

  3. Q3: How should I label my boxes / suitcase?

    Each box or suitcase needs to be numbered and include:

    • Your FULL name.
    • Your FULL address in your home country.
    • Your telephone number in your home country.
  4. Q4: Can I get some bigger boxes?

    The boxes we provide are that size to allow them to be easily lifted by transport staff.

    If you have large objects that won't fit into a box then two boxes can be joined together. However please take into account the size of doors and corridors within your building.

  5. Q5: I have the original box for my Computer/Stereo/Portable TV, should I pack it in that?

    Yes, using the original box with the original polystyrene is the best way to pack items like these.

    However please try and cover up the graphics / any logos so that it is not obvious what is in the box.

  6. Q6: Can I take large objects?

    We can deliver all types of personal effects such as Clothes, Books and CD's etc, as well as many other items such as Portable TV's, Computer Equipment and Microwave Ovens. We cannot however take very large items such as furniture.


Luggage Shipment

  1. Q1: How much notice do you need?

    We need three days notice to both deliver our empty boxes and to collect them for delivery.

  2. Q2: How many boxes make a cubic metre?

    Eight (8) of our shipping boxes make a cubic metre.

    Each box is 49 x 49 x 49 cm.

  3. Q3: Should I choose Air Freight or Sea Freight?

    As a general rule Air Freight is faster than Sea Freight, but Sea freight is cheaper if you are sending a large amount of luggage.

    However if you are only sending one or two boxes then Air Freight may not only be faster but cheaper.

    Sea freight charges are worked out per cubic metre, so you could be paying for space you don't need. Air freight is charged by weight.

    Our staff will be happy to provide advice on which is the best method for you.

  4. Q4: Is there any paperwork I need to send with my luggage?

    Our drivers will provide you with a declaration form, which you will need to complete stating what is in your luggage.

    Please keep a list of what you pack into your boxes to allow you to easily complete this form.



  1. Q1: Do I need insurance and where can I get it from?

    You don't need to have insurance but we recommend it, especially if your goods are valuable. We provide competitively priced insurance that covers your luggage for loss, theft or damage.*

    * Our insurance does not cover for damage caused by poor packing close
  2. Q2: How do I make a claim on my insurance that I bought from you?

    When you go to collect your luggage from the point of delivery you should check that all your boxes are there and none of them are damaged.

    In the unlikely event that something is wrong you must report it to the agent before signing for your luggage and then contact us. Everything will then be dealt with on your behalf.

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